Richard R. Stewart

Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, GE Aero Energy, and Chairman, Eagle Materials, Inc.

Mr. Stewart's career in the manufacturing industry begin in 1972 at Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc., a gas turbine business, where he served in various roles including, Group President and Director on the company's board. In 1998, General Electric Company acquired Stewart & Stevenson. At that time, Mr. Stewart assumed his dual role as President and Chief Executive Officer of GE Aero Energy, a division of GE Power Systems, and as an officer of General Electric Company, where he served until retiring in 2006.

With his proven leadership and business, corporate governance and compensation capabilities, Mr. Stewart joined Eagle Materials' Board of Directors in 2006 and currently serves as Chairman of the Board and is a memberĀ of our Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee. In addition, Mr. Stewart has been a director of Kirby Corporation since 2008 and a director of Lufkin Industries from 2009 until its acquisition by GE Oil & Gas in 2013. Mr. Stewart was elected to the board of Exterior Holdings, Inc. in April 2015. He previously spent three years as a director of Plug Power Inc.

Chairman of the Board

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